Sexual Health Support

Sexual Health Support

Sexual Health

Both men and women need to look after their sexual health and take time to understand the issues that surround contraception and sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

For instance there are some STIs, like Chlamydia that you could be carrying without having any symptoms. This infection can affect fertility so its important to make use of the sexual health services available for free on the NHS.

Useful Resources

Sex & Young People

A comprehensive guide to the questions you may have about sex from the NHS.

Sexually Transmitted Infections

Issues, symptoms and treatments.

Sexual Health FAQs

Expert answers from a qualified Doctor.

 FPA - The Sexual Health Charity

Sexual health advice and information on contraception, sexually transmitted infections, pregnancy choices, abortion and planning a pregnancy.

Shropshire Sexual Health Walk-In Service

From Wednesday 10th January 2024, OpenClinic Sexual Health Services in Shropshire will be offering a walk-in clinic, running 12:30-7pm on Wednesdays.

The walk-in service will be available at the Severn Fields Clinic in Shrewsbury, alongside the current booked appointment clinics.

Find the latest opening times and service information on our website

Please note that the service does not provide routine contraception to people aged 18+


There are so many different types of contraception available that you should be able to find the right method. You may have to try several different things before you choose the one you like most.

Useful Resources


Contraception - NHS

Information on Contraception from NHS Choices including why, when and how it should be used and with links to other useful resources.

Hormonal Contraception

This factsheet is for women who are taking hormonal contraceptives, or who would like information about them.


Chlamydia is the most commonly diagnosed sexually transmitted infection amount under-25s. Often there are no symptoms, but testing and treatment are simple. 

Causes and risk factors of Chlamydia is usually passed from one person to another during vaginal, oral, anal sex or by sharing sex toys. It can live inside cells of the cervix, urethra, rectum and sometimes in the throat and eyes.

Useful Links

NHS - Focus on Chlamydia

Information, videos and advice from the NHS website.


This factsheet is for people who have chlamydia, or who would like information about it.

These links all come from trusted resources but if you are unsure about these or any other medical matters please contact your doctor or pharmacist for advice.


Open Clinic Sexual Health Services

The telephone number for sexual health services in Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin, Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire is now 0808 178 0955. This number is linked to a new, improved telephone system which aims to reduce patient waiting times. 

For more information on the services available please click HERE